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Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

Phase 1/Interceptive Orthodontics

Many children require the guidance of dental and facial development as a first phase of orthodontic treatment, commonly called Phase 1 or Interceptive Orthodontics.

If indicated, this is typically attempted in the mixed dentition or very early in the permanent dentition. For crowding problems, some lost space can be regained using appliances to reposition teeth to their original positions. Attempts to regain space are usually limited to mild or moderate crowding, depending on a number of variables. In a case with very mild crowding, space regaining can be postponed until the patient is  ready for comprehensive orthodontic treatment in the permanent dentition. [1]

Some of phase 1 orthodontics treatment includes correction of crossbites, space maintaining and space regaining and breaking oral habits. These treatments can be achieved with the help of fixed or removable appliances (retainers).